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Plug Plants provide you with the ability to stock up with a very large selection of wholesale plug plants at an affordable price.

Mentha Nurseries is situated near Wisbech in the heart of the Fens. Our Plug Plants, if potted into 9cm pots, can be ready for sale or planting in approximately 8 weeks during the "peak" growing season*

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If you require perennial plug plants, either to sell on or just to plant up a large garden yourself and are seeking a supplier, please contact us, as we are propagators and suppliers of uk garden plants.

Our range of plug plants covers: perennial, alpine and herb plants with a wide range of varieties within each group available for immediate delivery from our monthly updated availability list.

We are based near the Fenland town of Wisbech in Cambridgeshire, England and deliver via an overnight carrier in our specially designed non returnable boxes to the UK mainland, Ireland and mainland Europe.

We have been growing perennial plug plants on the same nursery for over 40 years.

Our minimum wholesale order is 480 plants and this can be in either 32 – 16 or 8 varieties or any combination making up the 480 in either 15 – 30 – 60 per variety.

Additional orders are in multiples of 480 e.g. 480 – 960 – 1440 etc.



If 480 plants is too many, you can now order smaller quantities with a minimum order of 15 plants per variety.



The special offer plug plant collections we sell will include a good selection and not just plants we want to get rid of. Each batch will be labeled with a strong plastic label.

All our plug plants are grown with the aid of biological pest and disease control.

* The "peak" growing season is classed as between April and July.

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